airconGarages offer an Air Conditioning Recharge service as well as an Air Conditioning Purification service which keeps your vehicle both cool and fresh by neutralising bacteria and unpleasant smells.

Air Conditioning Recharge

  • Most manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is re-gassed every three to four years as the refrigerant used is slowly lost over time.
  • Did you know that an efficient air conditioning system can be used to demist your windscreen more quickly even in cold, wet weather by using warm, dry air?
  • A fully recharged air con system will also improve fuel economy by putting less strain on the engine.
  • If an air con recharge is unsuccessful on your vehicle (because the system has developed a leak or there is fault with the compressor or condenser,) then there will be no charge. Our staff will be happy to advise you as to the best course of action.

When carrying out an air con recharge our staff will perform the following tasks:

  • Check operation of air conditioning system – visual, temperature, leak checks
  • Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from system
  • Inject fresh system lubricant
  • Recharge refrigerant to recommended levels
  • Add ultra-violet dye to aid with future leak detection
  • Provide A/C report and print out on request.

Air Conditioning Purification

In addition to your air con re-charge Garages offer an Air con Purification service. This will keep your vehicle fresh smelling by circulating a cleaning agent through the air-con system, vents and intakes of your car. This neutralises bacteria and removes unpleasant smells.

Batteries GodstoneBatteries

We aim to make the process of ordering a battery as simple and straightforward as possible. You can buy your battery online in a few easy steps or if you prefer over the telephone with one of our sales team who are more than willing to assist you in choosing the right battery for your vehicle.

We stock a wide of range of BOSCH batteries, all of which are available to buy online. All of the batteries we sell come with a 3 year guarantee as standard.

Extremes in temperature in Summer and Winter can damage an older battery and leave you stranded. Your battery is the only source of power that starts your car, don’t get caught out.

The symptoms of battery failure include rapid clicking noises when you turn the ignition key or the engine is slow to turn over. If you’re experiencing either of these problems then your battery may need replacing.  Book in for a free battery health check or buy a battery online today.

Garages have the latest diagnostic equipment for the vast majority of cars.Vehicle diagnostics Godstone

By carrying out a diagnostic test with the appropriate equipment, we can identify the fault with your vehicle and carry out the necessary repairs. If we are unable to diagnose the fault we will not charge you for this service.

If you’re experiencing any warning light problems, or think you may have a diagnostic issue, contact us today to book a diagnostics test.

Brake Fitting and RepairsBrakes-Godstone

Garages do a free visual inspection on your vehicle and discuss with you what your service options are so you can feel confident in the repair decisions you made.

Brakes show signs of wear and tear just like other areas of your vehicle. Symptoms to look out for are:

A squealing or grinding noise indicates that brake pads/discs require replacement although some cars have warning sensors to tell the motorist when brake replacement is necessary.

A brake judder normally indicates a distortion/fault in the brake discs, while pulling under braking suggests a fault with the brake calipers or another hydraulic component.

Spongy brakes may indicate a brake fluid leak or that the brake fluid needs changing. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs water most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid change every two years.

Did you know that over time brake discs can wear thin and become “lipped”. When this occurs new pads can not be fitted without new brake discs as braking performance and safety may be compromised.

If your brakes are experiencing any of the above symptoms get in touch and we’ll be happy to carry out a brake check free of charge. We can also carry out a test to measure the moisture content of the brake fluid in your hydraulic braking system.


MOT GodstoneMOT Godstone

An MOT test is an annual safety inspection of your vehicle which must be carried out once it is 3 years old.
It is a legal requirement and without it you will be unable to legally use or tax your car and you may not be covered by your insurance.

It is worth remembering that you can MOT your vehicle up to 28 days in advance of its expiration date.

Should your vehicle fail its MOT, we offer a free re-test within 10 working days and are happy to carry out any required repairs at competitive prices.

For more information about the MOT test go to

Book your MOT test online today.

Find out information about motorbike MOT testing.

Servicing Redhill Reigate Godstone

Garages service price allows for the replacement of ALL SERVICE ITEMS* and an extensive inspection of your vehicle (*Spark plugs, Oil, Air, Fuel, and Pollen Filters – See service checklist below.)

Where a service item is not required, (due to low mileage or long life parts**) this saving will be clearly deducted from your final bill.

Book your service now

A Full Service is just that. As standard we will replace the appropriate oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and spark plugs (petrol engines).

However, there are circumstances where a service item may not require replacement. For example; long life fuel filters or iridium or platinum spark plugs that do not warrant changing given the vehicle mileage and interval since they were last replaced.

In these circumstances we will advise the customer and give them the option to decline this item at the time of undertaking the Service. This saving will then be itemised and refunded to you in branch.

Full Service Checklist

Stage 1: Check vehicle history, mileage, service schedule requirements

To identify what is required according to the manufacturer’s service schedule taking into account previous work/history.

Stage 2: Road Test

To test overall performance and handling of the vehicle – paying particular attention to any noises or issues associated with steering, suspension, brakes, clutch, bearings and exhaust (e.g. knocking, juddering, pulling etc).

Stage 3: Vehicle on floor

Check all apertures including fuel caps and seal Check interior warning lamps/gauges Check horn
Check wipers Check, adjust and top up windscreen washers Check windscreen and mirrors
Check exterior lightbulbs Check seat belts and seat security Check condition/tension of auxiliary drive belt
Check engine compartment for noises on tick-over Check and top up power steering fluid Check, test and top up anti-freeze
Check, test and top up brake fluid Check, test battery condition and security Check coolant, hoses, radiator and rad fan operation

Stage 4: Vehicle on Ramp

RENEW FUEL FILTER (if long life fuel filter not required, item will be deducted from invoice) RENEW SPARK PLUGS (if long life platinum/iridium plugs are not required, item will be deducted from invoice) Check tyres: tread, pressures, condition, sizes, fitment, including spare
Check wheels and valves Check complete brake system. Includes callipers, pipes, hoses, cables, pads and discs. Clean and adjust where applicable Check suspension condition, wear, movement, dust covers/gaiters. Includes shocks, springs, ball joints, arms, links
Check steering condition, wear, movement, dust covers. Includes rack, arms, rods, joints, hoses, pump Check drive shafts/ prop shafts, cv joints, gaiters Check wheel bearings
Check exhaust system, mountings, rubbers Check transmission condition/gear box fluid Check engine for oil leaks
Check fuel system for petrol/diesel leaks Check chassis for rust/corrosion on sills and prescribed areas  

Stage 5: Final Checks

Clean engine covers Lubricate door hinges and bonnet catch Check and advise timing belt replacement interval
Stamp service book Reset service lights Road test

Interim Service Checklist

Stage 1: Check vehicle history, mileage, service schedule requirements

To identify what is required according to the manufacturer’s service schedule taking into account previous work/history.

Stage 2: Road Test

To test overall performance and handling of the vehicle – paying particular attention to any noises or issues associated with steering, suspension, brakes, clutch, bearings and exhaust (e.g. knocking, juddering, pulling etc).

Stage 3: Vehicle on floor


Check interior warning lamps/gauges Check horn Check wipers
Check, adjust and top up windscreen washers Check windscreen and mirrors Check exterior lightbulbs
Check and top up power steering fluid Check, test and top up anti-freeze Check, test and top up brake fluid

Stage 4: Vehicle on Ramp


RENEW ENGINE OIL AND FILTER Check tyres Check front brakes
Check front suspension Check steering Check front wheel bearings
  Check exhaust  

Stage 5: Final Checks


Check and advise timing belt replacement interval Stamp service book Reset service lights
  Road test  

 Useful Information

Regular servicing extends the life of your car, improves fuel economy, reduces the risk of avoidable repair bills and the inconvenience of mechanical breakdown.

Most manufacturers recommend that their vehicles are serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

The minimum road safety requirements of an MOT should not be confused as a substitute for servicing your vehicle.

Garages take pride in our work and in providing quality car servicing at sensible prices. Our full service schedule complies with and protects the manufacturers warranty without the associated Main Dealer prices. (Government legislation passed in 2003 relating to “Block Exemption” allows Garages to carry out work on new cars because we use parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality and in accordance with manufacturer requirements.)

As members of the Independent Garage Association (IGA) and the Trust My Garage scheme we are committed to the highest standards and outstanding customer service.

Wherever possible we recommend combining a service with an MOT because there are elements of the MOT test that servicing does not cover e.g. brake performance readings, emissions testing and headlight aim.

At an additional charge all branches offer a car wash and hoover. Contact your local branch for more information.

Collect & Return Service

If you book a service at our Godstone branch, you could take advantage of our Collection and Delivery service. (Additional charge applies. Please contact our branch in Godstone for further information).

Motorbike Servicing

We also offer motorbike servicing at our branch in Shirley. Find out more about our motorbike servicing.

** long life service parts such as platinum / iridium spark plugs and long life fuel filters are specifically designed to last for greater distances and periods. These parts may not need to be replaced with every service. Manufacturing schedules are always consulted to confirm replacement intervals.

Motorstore can also supply and fit exhausts, water pumps, alternators, starter motor, cambelts, brakes and clutches to your car or light van.

Servicing to all Ford models including the following:
Ford Escort | Fiesta | Transit | Ford Ka | Cougar | Mondeo | Granada | Taunus | Toureno | Ford X-Max | Turbo and Ugrade specialist

Servicing to all Nissan models including the following:
Nissan Bluebird | Nissan Skyline | Sunny | Teana | Titan | Stagea | Terrano | Nissan X-Trail | Versa

Servicing to all Vauxhall models including the following:
Vauxhall Nova | Vauxhall Omega | Senator | Signum | Tigra | Vectra | Trixx | VX220 | Vauxhall Frontera | Insignia | Meriva | Vauxhall Zafira

Servicing to all Renault models including the following:
Avantime | Renault Clio | Espace | Fluence | Kangoo | Koleos | Laguna | Renault Latitude | Logan | Renault Mégane | Modus | Safrane | Scénic | Sport Spider | Twingo | Vel Satis | Thalia

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Tyres GodstoneTyres Godstone

Garages in Godstone have an extensive range of tyres always available in stock for our customers at great prices. Use our tyre icon link to get a quote or make a booking today.

We appreciate that the sheer number of makes and sizes of tyres can be a little overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to contact your local garage for further assistance.

We can repair punctures to tyres and inner tubes and also resolve “bead leaks” where the air can seep out due to a rusty or oxidised wheel.

Godstone-exhaustsGarages can replace most exhaust parts the same day.
Our exhausts are competitively priced and come with an unlimited mileage 2 year guarantee!

On the majority of vehicles the exhaust system is made up of several sections. It is rare that the whole system will require replacement. Technicians will carry out a free exhaust check with the promise that no unnecessary work be undertaken.

How to check the exhaust system

Scrape the surface rust from corroded areas of the exhaust and look for small holes. These may not cause a noise problem, but when the engine is on overrun, air can be drawn into the exhaust system through these pinholes and may ignite unburnt fuel passing through the exhaust. This will sound like a backfire as the fuel explodes – A backfire in your exhaust can be powerful enough to split a silencer open from the inside.

Gas leakage from exhaust joints and pipe connections will usually be marked by a streak of black soot. Any gas leaks will need quick attention because fumes can be sucked into the vehicle through vents or open windows, which could cause the driver and passengers to become drowsy or ill during a long journey. Leaking pipe connections may only need their clamps tightening or replacing.

Clutch Fitting and RepairsClutch repairs Godstone

Common symptoms of clutch wear include:

  • Difficulty in engaging gears.
  • Crunching noises.
  • Juddering.
  • Burning smells and loss of power.

Clutch systems on modern vehicles comprise clutch kits, concentric slave cylinders and dual mass-fly-wheels or thrust bearing and pressure plate. We recommend replacing these inter-linked parts at the time of repair to avoid any future clutch problems.

If you cannot change gears whilst the engine is not running there may be a fault with the gear linkage or gear box. Garages will then recommend the best course of action.
We can also replace clutch cables or the clutch hydraulic system parts.

Steering suspensionGarages carry out suspension and steering repairs at very competitive prices.

Steering and suspension systems are made up of several different components. These include shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints, lower arms, track rods and anti-roll bars. Their gradual deterioration is often difficult to detect and can have a negative effect on road handling, tyre wear and braking performance.

Did you know that suspension and steering faults cause poor handling and knocking noises and increases stress and wear on other attached parts. This can lead to a shorter vehicle life, less driving satisfaction and additional repair costs.

If you hear a droning noise when driving it is usually a sign that a wheel bearing is worn and needs replacing.

If you hear any unusual noises and are unsure whether your steering or suspension needs to be repaired. Don’t worry – we offer Free Steering and Suspension Checks.

We can also check and adjust wheel alignment or tracking.

Cam belts GodstoneThe Cambelt or timing belt is an integral part of the internal combustion engine that synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. It is critical in preventing the pistons from striking the valves. The cambelt is made from rubber which perishes and weakens over time. As such manufacturers recommend regular replacement.

  • Cambelt replacement intervals vary from 4-10 years and are also mileage dependent.
  • Contamination from oil can deteriorate a cambelt and shorten its service life.
  • Timing belt failure is much more costly and inconvenient to the motorist than timing belt replacement.
  • Where applicable we recommend changing the timing belt kit together with the water pump and auxiliary drive belt and tensioners. Doing so will avoid unnecessary future repair of these inter-connected parts.

If you have recently purchased a fairly high mileage vehicle and are unsure of when the cambelt was last changed or if it has ever been changed at all we recommend erring on the safe side and have it replaced. If the vehicle has less than 70k miles on the clock – Inspect the belt for any signs of cracking, for any contamination with oil or grease. If the top of the belt looks shiny and stretched replace it.

Welding & RepairsWelding

Metal parts of a vehicle generally rust or crack through usage. They can usually be repaired by welding.
We are unable to quote for these repairs without seeing the vehicle & cleaning back the affected areas to reach solid metal.

There is a charge for this assessment service, however, if authorisation is given to continue with this repair this investigation time will be refunded.

  • Welding repairs are sometimes required on older vehicles.
  • Severe rust and corrosion can jeopardise the structural integrity and safety of a vehicle – especially one involved in an accident.
  • Excessive corrosion near prescribed areas such as seat belts, suspension and steering components will need welding for the MOT Test.

Wheel Alignment or TrackingTracking Wheel Alignment

Many things can cause incorrect wheel alignment, for example – driving against a kerb, hitting a pothole or by worn suspension or steering components. It’s worth keeping an eye out for unusual wear on your tyres, such as ‘feathering’ on the inside or outside shoulder. Run your hand over the edges of your tyres, if it feels smooth one way and rough the other the wheel alignment may need adjusting.

Incorrect wheel alignment can result in premature and uneven tyre wear and can affect the handling and safety of the vehicle.

Tracking the wheel alignment back to the manufacturer settings can help to:

  • Limit excessive and uneven wear
  • Correct a misaligned steering wheel
  • Improve handling and prevent ‘pull’
  • Improve fuel consumption

To get the most out of your tyres add either a Wheel Alignment for only £29.00 or FREE Wheel Alignment Check to your basket with any online order today.

Wheel Balancing

Balancing your wheels can save you time and money.

Wheels that are out of balance usually produce a vibration above certain speeds that can be felt through the steering wheel.

Correctly balanced wheels help to eliminate this vibration, ensuring a smoother ride and help limit premature wear to suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

For only £5.00 per wheel, add wheel balancing to your basket with any online order today.