Brake Fitting and RepairsBrakes-Godstone

Garages do a free visual inspection on your vehicle and discuss with you what your service options are so you can feel confident in the repair decisions you made.

Brakes show signs of wear and tear just like other areas of your vehicle. Symptoms to look out for are:

A squealing or grinding noise indicates that brake pads/discs require replacement although some cars have warning sensors to tell the motorist when brake replacement is necessary.

A brake judder normally indicates a distortion/fault in the brake discs, while pulling under braking suggests a fault with the brake calipers or another hydraulic component.

Spongy brakes may indicate a brake fluid leak or that the brake fluid needs changing. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs water most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid change every two years.

Did you know that over time brake discs can wear thin and become “lipped”. When this occurs new pads can not be fitted without new brake discs as braking performance and safety may be compromised.

If your brakes are experiencing any of the above symptoms get in touch and we’ll be happy to carry out a brake check free of charge. We can also carry out a test to measure the moisture content of the brake fluid in your hydraulic braking system.