Cam belts GodstoneThe Cambelt or timing belt is an integral part of the internal combustion engine that synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. It is critical in preventing the pistons from striking the valves. The cambelt is made from rubber which perishes and weakens over time. As such manufacturers recommend regular replacement.

  • Cambelt replacement intervals vary from 4-10 years and are also mileage dependent.
  • Contamination from oil can deteriorate a cambelt and shorten its service life.
  • Timing belt failure is much more costly and inconvenient to the motorist than timing belt replacement.
  • Where applicable we recommend changing the timing belt kit together with the water pump and auxiliary drive belt and tensioners. Doing so will avoid unnecessary future repair of these inter-connected parts.

If you have recently purchased a fairly high mileage vehicle and are unsure of when the cambelt was last changed or if it has ever been changed at all we recommend erring on the safe side and have it replaced. If the vehicle has less than 70k miles on the clock – Inspect the belt for any signs of cracking, for any contamination with oil or grease. If the top of the belt looks shiny and stretched replace it.