Steering suspensionGarages carry out suspension and steering repairs at very competitive prices.

Steering and suspension systems are made up of several different components. These include shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints, lower arms, track rods and anti-roll bars. Their gradual deterioration is often difficult to detect and can have a negative effect on road handling, tyre wear and braking performance.

Did you know that suspension and steering faults cause poor handling and knocking noises and increases stress and wear on other attached parts. This can lead to a shorter vehicle life, less driving satisfaction and additional repair costs.

If you hear a droning noise when driving it is usually a sign that a wheel bearing is worn and needs replacing.

If you hear any unusual noises and are unsure whether your steering or suspension needs to be repaired. Don’t worry – we offer Free Steering and Suspension Checks.

We can also check and adjust wheel alignment or tracking.